1. Proof Research Bolt Action Carbon Fiber Barrel Blank
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Why Choose Carbon Fiber?

When you’re rebarreling, the first decision to make is whether you want to go with age-old steel or aerospace grade carbon fiber. A carbon fiber barrel is a popular choice for hunters, long range, competition and sport shooters alike. Both lightweight and strong, without sacrificing accuracy, carbon fiber rifles are a solid choice for bolt action and semi-automatic rifles. Another key feature? Carbon fiber barrels dissipate heat far better than steel which means they cool faster and stay accurate longer.

Proof Research Barrels

Proof Research has made a name for themselves in carbon fiber barrels. Regarded as the industry leader, Proof Research manufactures the highest quality barrels available today with dozens of options to choose from depending on your caliber, length, contour and twist rate requirements. Their AR barrels are pre fit barrels and are sold threaded and chambered. Bolt action barrels arrive ready for a gunsmith to thread and chamber.

Gunsmithing & Cerakote Services

Need help fitting your new barrel? A proper fitting is critical to accuracy and requires specialized tools. Our experienced gunsmiths are on hand to assist with threading and chambering to get your rifle ready to fire. Want to customize it? We can help with that too. Contact us today to learn more about our custom cerakote services for your barrel.

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