Precision From the Start

Snowy Mountain Rifle Company was born in the mountains of Western Montana on the idea that accuracy and reliability stand before all else. Using advanced machining processes to hold the tightest tolerances available, we create custom long range hunting and tactical rifles you can depend on. 

We ensure precision and accuracy from start to finish by building each handcrafted custom rifle one at a time. From the Back Country to the Battlefield We have your precision rifle needs met.

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Before the building process begins a rifle starts as many different individual pieces and parts. At SMR we know the finished product can only be as good as the parts you start with. We only build and use the highest quality in materials, manufacturing and finishing processes. Nothing goes into the completed and approved section without rigorous inspection and the highest quality control standards.


Next we start the build process. Each rifle is built one at a time from start to finish. We do not use any CNC machines in our building process! your rifle gets chambered, threaded, assembled and inspected by one of our master machinist/gunsmiths.


Next is the testing process: Each SMR rifle comes with a sub 1/2 MOA guarantee. We don't just trust our rifles to meet our guarantee we prove it! Each rifle has a custom load built for it and is test shot at 100 yards until accuracy standards are met and then shot again to prove consistency. Our rifles are shot in real conditions at a true 100 yards.


Finishing process: Once your rifle has been shot and verified it is stripped down and sent off for your choice of Cerakote finish. Once the rifle has been cerakoted it is reassembled and test shot one final time. At this stage it is ready for delivery to the customer.

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