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    Full Curl
    Full Curl

    Full Curl Ultra Light

    • SMR Stainless Steel Anti
    • Carbon Fiber Full Curl
    • Trigger Tech Special
    • Built As Light As 5lbs 5oz
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    • SMR Stainless Steel Anti-X
    • Carbon Fiber Long Range Hunter Adjustable
    • Trigger Tech Special
    • Built as light as 8lbs 5oz
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    Alpine Hunter
    Alpine Hunter

    Ultra Light Hunter

    • SMR Stainless Steel Anti-X
    • Carbon Fiber Alpine Hunter
    • Trigger Tech Special
    • Built As Light As 6lbs 8oz
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    Elite, Controlled Feed Action

    • SMR Stainless Steel Deviant Hunter 3 Position Safety Controlled Round Feed  
    • Carbon Fiber Alaskan
    • Trigger Tech Special
    • Built As Light As 8lbs 0oz
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    Alpine Hunter 300 Norma
    Alpine Hunter 300 Norma

    The most versatile hunting rifle on the market and SMR flagship rifle. Chambered in 300 Norma with a proof research carbon sendero 24” barrel, our 3-port self-timing titanium muzzle brake, Defiance Anti-X action, SMR BDL bottom metal and finished with black cerakote on the barreled action, stock is ready for cerakote of your choice. $6090.00  


    Photos coming soon. Please email for photos.

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Custom Rifle Builds

If you’re ready to ditch factory and invest in an American-made custom rifle, you’ve come to the right place. Snowy Mountain Rifles builds the very best custom rifles for long range, hunting, competition, or sport shooting. Our custom rifle builds start at just $4,950 and take approximately 6 months to complete once we’ve got your order. Ready to customize your rifle? Select from one of the options above as a starting point and use our configurator to make it your own. Give us a call if you have any questions at all, we're happy to walk you through the configuration of your custom rifle.

Customizable Components

Are Custom Rifles Worth It?

From the stock to the barrel, and everything in between, our custom rifles are built for you - to the exact specifications you want. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight custom hunting rifle or the most accurate rifle for F-Class competition, our experienced custom rifle builders can help you select every component to achieve the look, feel, and action you’re after. So are they worth it? We think so.

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