Proof Research Bolt Action Carbon Fiber Barrel Blank

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Proof Research has changed the game with its benchcrest grade bolt action carbon fiber wrapped barrel blanks. Up to 64% lighter than steel barrels of similar contour, extreme temperature resistance with improved heat dissipation for cooler and longer lasting barrels and unprecedented durability with high-strength wrapped aerospace-grade carbon fiber impregnated with a proprietary matrix resin. These barrels aren’t just an alternative to a traditional steel barrel, they are superior. Rebarreling with a Proof Research barrel will take your factory rifle to a new level, improving accuracy and enhancing your shooting experience.

Proof Research Bolt Action Barrel Blanks come in two contours, the Sendero and the Sendero Light. Both options weigh less than half of a traditional steel barrel but the Sendero light shaves an additional 2-3 oz. off the total weight which can make a big difference when you are factoring the weight of all your components. In addition to barrel contour options, Proof Research offers a variety of calibers, lengths, and twist rates to choose from. The right combination will depend entirely on how you plan to use your rifle, the type of ammunition you’ll be using, and your build. Want help choosing the right bolt action barrel blank? Give us a call at (406) 546-8732, we’d be happy to share our expertise.


Benchcrest, competition, precision shooting, military, law inforcement, long range hunting, F class, rugged hunting, harsh environments operations, target shooting, ultra long range, varmint hunting

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