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SMR Scopecoat Standard


The Standard Scopecoat is 2-3mm thick.

Scopecoat protective covers are constructed of the highest quality neoprene (2, 3,
5 and 6mm thick) laminated with nylon. It’s simple design safeguards your scope from dings and
scratches, dust, dirt and moisture. The shock and moisture absorbing Neoprene helps draw moisture
and condensation (sweating) away from your scope and helps protect it from the elements.

I need a Scopecoat. How do I determine what size?
Scopecoat stretches approximately 10% and the correct fit is either relaxed or snug.
Scopecoat fits a variety of scopes and when choosing the right size Scopecoat, measure the
overall length in inches and the objective in millimeters.

If you need help choosing size feel free to call us at 406-546-8732