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Muzzle Brake

Snowy Mountain Rifles.

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Prices are for brakes only.

Installation = $105.00 for stainless

Installation + black cerakote = $130.00


The Snowy Mountain muzzle brake was developed to match today's modern rifles with high performance and extreme range capabilities. Muzzle brakes are top and side ported to reduce muzzle jump. There is no porting on the bottom to keep dust and debris from being kicked up from muzzle blast.  

Breaks will need to be reamed to proper inside diameter,  indexed and tapered to match barrel.

Muzzle breaks are CNC machined from 416 Stainless Steel or 4140 chrome moly steel. They come in blank form ready for fitting, weight starts at 6 ounces. We offer them in many sizes, please call the shop for fit and thread details.