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Check your local State and County laws to make sure it is legal to own a silencer

Once you've confirmed you can legally own a silencer it's time to decide how you want to register the silencer

      • The item can be registered to an individual, trust, or corporation
      • There are pros and cons to each registration type so determining the method that is best for you is important

The next step is picking out the silencer you want to purchase, if you need help with this process please Contact Us

      • The suppressor must be able to attach to the barrel of your gun 
      • The suppressor must be intended for use with your caliber gun

Legally we can't ship silencers to individuals. You must find a FFL dealer with a Class 3 SOT in your area that we can ship the silencer to.

*This process must be completed for every silencer that you wish to purchase

      • The FFL dealer will then require you to file a Form 4 with the ATF before they can hand the silencer over to you.
      • Form 4 requires a $200 tax and usually takes between 6-12 months to process.
      • The FFL dealer can help you file your Form 4.
      • Once your Form 4 is processed you can pickup your silencer. 

If you are in the Missoula, MT area you can pickup your silencer at our storefront once the ATF has processed your Form 4.  We can help you complete your Form 4 before sending it off to the ATF.

Although this may seem overwhelming at first, it is really quite simple. There are many resources that can help you through this process. If you have any questions regarding purchasing a silencer feel free to Contact Us.