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Federal law prohibits the shipment of firearms to anyone who does not hold a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL).. If you are not an FFL holder you will need to arrange delivery of your firearm(s) to a local licensed dealer who is willing to handle the transfer on your behalf or pick up firearm in person at the shop for Montana Residents. In shop pick up will require you to fill out a Standard 4473 form and BATF approval.

Most dealers charge a fee for this service.We will arrange shipment to the dealer and they will contact you when the firearm(s) arrive. You are responsible for any transfer fee that the receiving dealer may charge upon pickup of the firearm(s). The firearm(s) will not be shipped until payment and a signed copy of a dealer's FFL have been received.
To simplify the ordering process please follow this procedure:
1 Choose a FFL Dealer  were your firearm will be shipped.
2 Have the FFL Dealer Fax or email SMR a signed copy of there FFL with a letter for Who and what is to be transferred
3 SMR will ship Firearm(s) once payment is received and signed copy of the FFL is received.
 4 Pick up Firearm from FFL Dealer and go have some fun
If you choose to use an FFL dealer that is not in our database ask them to email or fax a copy of their FFL to us. Our fax number is (406) 549-2602.