Level 1 Fundamentals Class

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SMR Long Range Academy Level 1 Fundamentals Class

Precision Rifle, Hunter Series Precision Rifle, Hunter Series: Snowy Mountain Rifle Companies Precision Rifle, Hunter Series is designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to ensure an effective shot on that animal of a lifetime. Our hunter series is a precision rifle course geared towards hunting shooting and hunting scenarios where changing terrain and conditions are always present.

Level 1 Fundamentals Class: For the past 14 years Snowy Mountain Rifle Company has been dedicated to bringing you the best shooting systems available! Now, let us help you take your shooting abilities to the next level; it all starts here with our Fundamentals Class. We are a firm believer in a building block approach, starting with a strong foundation in our Level 1 Fundamentals class. This class has been designed for both the beginner or intermediate precision rifle shooter or hunter who is looking to build a strong foundation and quickly advance their skills and knowledge.

Course Overview: Our Level 1 Fundamentals course will include 2 ½ days of instruction and shooting. Students will arrive on Thursdays with class starting at 9:00 A.M. on Friday morning and run through Sunday afternoon. This class starts with the fundamentals of your rifle, rifle setup, ammunition, optics, and accessories, and how they must work together to create a shooting system. We will then take a dive into ballistics, setup, solving and of course wind reading. Next, we will hit the field to begin shooting. This will start with proper bench shooting techniques at 100 yards to ensure accurate rifle zeroing, rifle check and ammunition check. We then move onto prone position 1 and start applying the fundaments we have covered as we work out to farther distances. Throughout the next day and a half, we continue to advance these skills at greater distances as well as start to incorporate other shooting positions and techniques you will certainly encounter in the field.

What you will Learn:

  • Rifle system setup and function
  • Fundamentals of precision rifle shooting
  • Introduction to ballistics and atmospheric conditions
  • Introduction to wind reading and wind calls
  • Advancement of prone shooting positions
  • Introduction to other (hunting) shooting positions


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