Long Distant Capabilities and Close Encounters... . @run__and__gun knows quite a bit about both and it sounds like they had quite the Close Encounter again this year on their annual trip to hunt Mule Deer in Afghanistan! ... In the mean time here is a quick glimpse at one of our favorite P.B. Memories from a few years back! . Who’s already jonesing for next falls adventures? —— . “So here's the thing about having Awesome Sauce in your Pocket and deciding to Apply it... it's a lot like Ketchup in a Glass Jar... it's really hard to Control it... a Few little Puffs on the Call and the next thing you know... SKYLINE is in your Lap ready to kick your ass for picking on an Imaginary Mini-Muley! Phone Skopes are friggen awesome... but not when the Action gets Zesty at 15 yards! Steve-O tried quickly switching from Missles to Guns by capturing it on his phone but by the time he called action they caught our wind, swirled and Bolted! This is when the Lifetime of Shooting Rocket Propelled Coyotes and Past few seasons of Comp shooting paid off. A few quick steps over the crown of the hill and I caught a Large Brown Object on a B-line Back to his Land of Magic... let's just say the @snowymtnrifles 6.5x47 is just as Lethal at 80-90 yards Offhand on the Run as it is at 1,200 yards hammering Steel! A finely placed 140gr Berger does wonders no matter the Scenario! - It's always a rush when I bust out the Call and have Mature Muleys charging hard straight at us. The flood of excitement is not for the weak of heart and will get the calmest of nerves to overrun your Sanity! We as hunters/conservationists are blessed to have these opportunities that help us build the Strongest of Bonds between friends while sharing a level of Camaraderie that's fueled by Tradition and a Heritage that has flowed through the veins of Men since our Creation. Anytime spent in God's wide open spaces is incredible, but when he throws a B-52 Bomber into play that's about to Strafe you like a old P-52 Mustang... LIFE DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER!!! I cannot wait to share the incredible photos we took as we soaked up this incredible Moment. “

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