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ADG 300 Norma Magnum Brass


For those in pursuit of perfection in accuracy with handloading, the 300 Norma Mag is the perfect choice for hunters. The 300 Norma Mag is a necked-down version of the .308, designed to accept .30-caliber bullets. The 300 Norma Mag can maintain a super-sonic speed beyond 1000m, and delivers enough energy to take down big game. Making this the perfect brass, for the ultimate long distance shot. Durable and consistent, fire after fire, ADG 300 Norma Mag beats other manufacturers when it comes to longevity. Sold in a 50 count flip top case that doubles as a carry case for your reloads. New and not used.

Important Safety Information:

With optimized material geometry, our brass will generally have a different case volume than most other manufacturer’s brass and therefore will require a different charge weight to achieve the same pressures and velocities. We recommend using a reputable load data source and working up from their recommended minimum starting loads. We recommend reducing any existing charge weights by 10% and re-developing your specific load when replacing any component in a load recipe with a new component (brass, projectile, primer, or powder type). Failure to reduce charge weights established using other manufacturers brass may result in higher pressures and velocities while using ADG brass and may result in unsafe pressure levels


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