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Custom Hunting rifle we built in 2010, it chambered in the popular 6.5x284. It was built on the 360 Series action. It has a maple laminate stock,stainless steel  Lilja #5 weight barrel in 1-8 twist. Timney trigger, 0 MOA Rail, PTG steel bottom Metal. Rifle was Cerakoted matte black.


Custom built 300 Win mag that was built for prescision shooting. It was built on SMR 3600 Series action, Badger bottom metal, Bell & Carlson tactical Medalist stock, SMR 20 MOA rail, Timney trigger, Lilja Tactical Tapper Barrel, Fluted in house,



This Rifle is 6.5x47 and  built on a SMR 350 Series action. It has jewel trigger, SMR bottom metal, Lilja vamint taper, and HS Precision stock. The barrel is 25"  and Cerakoted OD Green.


Here is a Custom 375 Cheytac that was built in 2011, It has SMR 600 Series action, Timney Trigger, SMR 40 MOA Rail, SMR Muzzle Break. The Barrel is 1-10 twist Pac-Nor with SMR Barrel Profile. The Barrel on this rifle is 30" plus the break. the fluting was done by SMR on our 4 axis cnc mill.  

Here is a SMR Custom rifle that we built in 2011. It is 6.5x47 lapua built on SMR 350 Series action, It has lilja Varmint Taper barrel with a 1-10 twist. The Rifle has Bagder Detachabe Mag sytem, Jewel Trigger, H-S Precision Stock, SMR 20 MOA aluminum Rail.  


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